Jack Pisters

Jack Pisters acquired a great reputation as a guitarist, lecturer and consultant within the Dutch music industry.
* Designer and coördinator of the pop school of the Conservatory of Amsterdam
* Director of the Music Matrix in Amsterdam & co-initiator of the Guitar Matrix
* Headmaster of the Dutch School of Popular Music
* Member of the pop Board The Hague – and teacher and education consultant for the Koorenhuis The Hague
* Guitarist with SCAR, played with Avalon, Soylent Green, Keith Caputo and Anouk
* Many sessions for movies (Lek, All Stars) and many record productions
* Bandcoaching and / or sound advice for Anouk, Chris Hof, Voicst, – Chris Le May, King Jack, Racoon, Supermannen, Electric Eel Shock, Simple minds.